Four Decades of Divorce Lawyer

In practicing family law for more than four decades, The lawyer knows that the best way to handle a divorce or family law case is to take it on personally — not shift the work to a junior lawyer or paralegal. In addition to his extensive legal background, the lawyer is also a certified family violence dispute professional and mediator.

Divorcing with Children

Divorce is always a serious matter, especially when children are involved. There are crucial questions such as guardianship and access at stake. The expert provides compassionate counsel to those with children who are considering a divorce.

Financial Hurdles

There are financial assets to consider when planning a divorce. Whether you have significant assets or you are of modest means, exiting a marriage can be highly complex and personally challenging. A divorce lawyer, such as lawyer, can bring both his legal and real-life experience to help you strategically approach the financial aspects of your divorce.

Family Businesses & Trusts

If a corporation or family trust is an issue in your divorce, The Law Office’s corporate experience can help you effectively analyze the issues at stake. The lawyer taught company law and other related subjects with the University of British Columbia’s law school for three years as an assistant professor law. He has also provided advice to not only companies and key corporate officers involved in matrimonial disputes, but also to individuals married to persons who held key positions in corporations, of which they derived “perks,” non-arm’s length benefits and tax advantages.

Division of Matrimonial Assets

When considering the division of matrimonial assets, it is important to carefully consider the tax ramifications of various approaches to resolving these types of issues. Life and legal experience is critical to a proper analysis of the case’s complexities. People plays fast payout online casino and spend their money over them and that are the reason of divorces in some cases.

With Law Office, you have the advantage of working with a lawyer that holds over 40 years of experience in handling motor vehicle and ICBC personal injury cases. The lawyer will personally handle your case — not shift the workload to a junior lawyer or paralegal.

Focus on Your Recovery

In receiving advice and representation, you will reduce your stress via playing online casino at  and have more time to focus on what is most important — your health and recovery.

Get a Fair Settlement

In order to receive a fair, appropriate settlement or judgment for the injuries you have sustained, you must understand your rights under the law. We can help. After all, you have paid into your insurance plan and deserve to receive your benefits in full.

No Out-of-Pocket Fees

If you choose to retain a lawyer as your lawyer, you will pay nothing upfront. Just a small percentage of your recovery will be collected from the proceeds of your settlement or judgment.