Types of Slot Machines

Even if slot machines are basically the same outside, there are different types of slot machines. They differ in how slot machines are played and the amount of payout they give. I present to you some basic types of slot machine.

Free slots are probably the easiest slot machine types to understand. Free slots are slot machine games that are played for fun only, no real money can be won. This type of slot machine is designed especially for those slot machine players that wish to get the feel of playing slot machines but don’t want to lose their cash.

They are also for those that are trying to learn how to play the online gambling australia game. As this slot machine type is only played for free, players are usually not awarded anything if they hit the jackpot except the joy of playing. Although, some casinos offer winners of free slot machines some credits or some casino compliments.

There are also slot machines that have five reel multiple payline or three reel single paline slots. Three reel single payline slot machines are the more common slot machines of today. They were also the features found in the earliest slot machine models. Three reel slot machines have higher odds of winning than five reel multiple slot machines. Five reel slot machines can offer as many as 15 paylines.

Bonus slots are slot machines that offer its players a bonus round. These slot machines are usually five reeled video slots. Bonus slot machines offer its players an opportunity to increase their winnings via the bonus round after a winning spin. But be careful, you can lose it all as well.

Progressive slots, on the other hand, are slot machines that are found online that offer bigger jackpots. These are slot machines that do not have a fixed amount of winnings. The jackpot increases as you play more rounds. Although, on average, land based casinos offer higher jackpots than online progressive slot machines. Online progressive slot machines typically have higher percentage of winning than land based casino slot machines. Straight slots are what we call slot machines that have a fixed pay schedule. They do not offer progressive jackpots. They are also known as ‘flat tops.’

Virtual or simulation slot machines are slot machines that do not physically look like slot machines but is a software that tries to imitate a slot machine. Online slot machines belong to this category. Virtual slot machines function as real life slot machines but are physically different. There are other types of slot machines that I have not discussed here. Suffice to say, there may be different types of new online casino machines but they are all played in the same way. Spin and win!