The chances and the rates of nighttime collisions are extremely high. This is because of multiple factors like pedestrians, motorists and the conditions of the road. Whenever nighttime collision does take place, it is usually that the police officers are not trained properly in nighttime photo calibration which can cause misleading police photographs. You should reach out to an AvaGio Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as possible after the nighttime collision. A lot of law firms don’t attempt nighttime reenactments as they aren’t aware of the requirements for an accurate reenactment. This in turn adversely impacts the client case. Here is how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you in case of a nighttime collision.

Low visibility

When it comes to night collisions, there is an over-representation of it being simple motor vehicle collisions. The pedestrians think that they are visible to the drivers at nighttime. However, these misconceptions and overrepresentations are the main causes behind there being high representation. A lot of times the pedestrians are easily able to see the approaching headlights as they are walking. In the case of motorists, there is limited visibility which can easily make them not see the pedestrians. This is essential that you keep that in mind when you are walking down the road. Wearing reflective gear at night while you are walking at home can be a way of preventing such collisions. Retroreflective tape can also be used as it increases the conspicuity at night time and when there is low lighting. This will help the motorists to be aware of the pedestrians.

Poor Lighting

One of the main reasons behind nighttime collisions is poorly light roads. When the lighting is not adequate, it brings down the visibility of the driver. Proper street lighting is actually more helpful than headlights as it provides the contrast which is much needed for the detection of another vehicle or pedestrian. When there is proper lighting, a pedestrian who is wearing dark clothes also becomes easily visible. Having proper lighting can easily help to prevent accidents.

How can a lawyer help you?

Nighttime collisions can be tricky. You must reach out to an experienced lawyer soon after the crash. They should be proactive in visiting the site and reenacting the crash. This reenactment helps to build the case for the clients. The lawyers are well-advised about all the various aspects of the collision like the headlight type, the colour of clothing worn by the pedestrian, weather condition, street lighting and snow ground coverage to name a few. The calibrated nighttime photos and videos are helpful during mediation and court. It helps to bring the facts to the table so that proper assessment can be carried out. The more accurate the reenactment by the lawyer, the higher the chances of you getting fair compensation. This process of reenactment needs attention to detail and experience. You must reach out to an experienced lawyer, who will help to make this process easier for you.

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