What To Do After A Truck Accident?

Whether you or a loved one is suffering from any injury resulting from an accident involving a truck, you may be in pain and trying to determine the next steps. The truck accident lawyer performs the following:

  • Identifies liable party or parties
  • Collect evidence
  • Interview eyewitnesses
  • Negotiate the insurance company
  • Take the case to trial (if necessary)

All these are the job of the attorneys on the client’s behalf. The truck accident attorney handles all aspects of the case while focusing on taking care or healing an injured family member, due to an accident or mishap that was not your fault. If you are looking for a personal attorney, make sure that you hire the certified ones.

Determine liability in a truck accident case

Truck accidents are more serious and complex than vehicle-to-vehicle crash accidents, which should be handled by a trusted legal firm. Perhaps, you assumed that only the truck driver is the only party who is at fault for the accident. However, there may be more than one who is responsible to hold accountable for the losses and injuries. Potential defendants in the accident case include, yet are not limited to the following:

  • Truck driver
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Trucking company
  • Shipping company
  • Government entities
  • Insurance companies

If the truck driver is a contractor of the truck company, the issue here is how much supervision the company will execute over the contractors. There is a regulatory department in the government that regulates commercial trucks. Perhaps, it may be the truck’s failure during the transport that caused the accident.

It means that the truck company or manufacturer that makes the part bears the liability. The truck accident attorney from a respected law firm identifies all of the liable parties in a particular case and holds them in a lawsuit.

Build a compelling case

Whether presenting the case to the court or compiling a claim to present to the insurance company, the truck accident lawyers perform the following while focusing on the recovery:

  1. Investigate and collect evidence in the case.
  2. Collect and compile all the medical bills and expenses.
  3. Identifying all the potential insurance carriers and liable parties
  4. Negotiating the insurance companies for fair settlement
  5. Take the case to the court if the insurance companies refuse to settle.

In case you or your loved ones are facing serious accidents or injuries that require multiple surgeries, hospitalization, costly rehabilitation, and assistive medical devices. There is no need to battle with the insurance companies for the compensation that you deserve.