The Complete Guide to Live Scan Status and How to Get Your Results

With more people relocating out of state or the country, there are more requirements for fingerprinting as a means of documentation. This guide will help you know your live scan status and how to get your results.

Live Scan is an electronic fingerprinting process done at home with a personal computer, smartphone, tablet, or kiosk. The fingerprints are electronically sent to the FBI or other law agencies for further processing.

Two statuses can show up on your Live Scan receipt:

Valid – This means that the fingerprints matched both sets on file with the FBI, and you’re cleared to work in positions requiring contact with children.

Pending – This takes 7-10 business days for the results to process and be available online. You’ll need to provide

What is a Live Scan fingerprinting service?

Live Scan fingerprinting services are biometrics that utilizes fingerprint technology to identify or confirm an individual’s identity. A fingerprint is an impression of the ridges of the fingers on the end of a human hand which is unique to every human.

The live scan process involves an individual standing in front of a scanning device that typically captures fingerprints, palm prints, or both. The scanner then electronically transmits the data to another location for storage or analysis.

The service requires a fingerprint scan and can be done in person or remotely. Asides from obtaining a fingerprint, this service also requires obtaining vital personal information.

What are Live Scan Fingerprints Used For?

Employers use live Scan fingerprints to confirm the identity of prospective employees, law enforcement agencies for criminal investigations, and government agencies for background checks. This is done by retrieving biometric information from a credible database of a trusted law enforcement agency.

What’s the Difference Between a Live Scan, and Criminal Background Check?

A live scan, a biometric identification used for law enforcement purposes, provides quick access to individuals’ criminal history information. This means that it is a background screening to ensure that the person you hire has been vetted and has no hidden criminal records.

Live scans are faster and more convenient than criminal background checks, typically paper-based processes. They are also more accurate as a fingerprint is specific to a person, unlike names, addresses, and other means of identification that are liable to ambiguity. 

What does the live scan Status Mean and What should I be Looking for?

A live scan status determines whether or not a person has been arrested. It is the process by which an electronic record is captured and stored.

The live scan status can mean the following:

-Arrested: This status means that a person has been arrested, with their fingerprint and photo collected and entered into state and federal databases.

-Booked: This status means that a person has been booked, photographed, fingerprinted, issued intake documents, and assigned to a cell in custody for release within 24 hours.

-Noncriminal: This status means that a person was scanned, but they were not arrested or booked at the scan time. Such status can change as information is updated with new arrests.

To check your livescan status, you can click here.

How to Get Your Results From the Live Scan

If you need to get your fingerprints scanned and don’t have a paper copy of your ID, you can use a live scan machine and wait for the results to be processed. Here’s how to get your fingerprints scanned with this method.

There are two types of live scan machines;

  •  one that prints the results on an ID card 
  • one that sends them by email. 

Choose the one you prefer.

For example, if you are trying to get a passport or immigration card, then choose the machine that prints the result on an ID card because it is easier to get the hard copy that way.

If you want instant results without waiting for them in the mail, choose the email-based machine instead, giving you an online copy to print out at will.


Relocating to a new place, getting a new job can be a challenging experience. You should prepare adequately for it by confirming your live scan status.

A live scan is a biometric data collection used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and some state and local law enforcement agencies.

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