Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Creating a qualified base of leads and potential customers for your office when considering lawyers internet marketing takes a lot of work – and an appropriate marketing strategy. By increasing exposure with some marketing ideas for law firms, it is possible to go a little further ahead of the competition, improving visibility in search engines and considerably increasing the firm’s credibility with potential clients.

  1. Invest in your brand

One of the significant failures of law firms is not investing in the personal brand of the firm’s partners. Today the visitor falls on the services page (usually from search engines like Google) and immediately seeks to know the lawyers behind the office. The partners must be practically the brands and evangelizers of the office, with their available social networks and direct contact points with their names. If someone searches on google for the lawyer’s name, they should always come across relevant information.

The tip here is that each lawyer in the firm develops its digital presence, either through a blog (producing relevant content) or with a more straightforward path. Invest in quality information, customer recommendations, present a robust resume to impress your target audience.

In some cases, most of the traffic on the firm’s website will search for information about lawyers in particular. The reason is simple: Customers hire the person, not the office. To obtain a competitive advantage here, invest in quality content in the profile of each partner and, if possible, even a direct contact form as a way to guarantee the conversion.

  1. Think locally

Before investing in comprehensive strategies, it is necessary to optimize your region of operation. Think about the LOCAL part of your SEO, registering the office in local directories or focusing on regions, producing content with keywords related to the city of operation, and so on. Most customers will search within your city, so reinforce this positioning!

  1. Paid search on Google (AdWords)

The OAB greatly restricts the way lawyers can act with marketing for their offices; however, Google AdWords is still a fertile territory and without significant limitations, which will allow your office to appear in prominence whenever someone searches for a lawyer with the area of ​​practice your office answers.

The concept of AdWords is quite simple: Appear at the very moment when people are looking for your service. And understanding how clients look for lawyers can precisely optimize the campaign, generating more and more qualified leads.

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