How to Find a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle feels like pure freedom. The pleasure of riding in the sunshine with the breeze flowing over your skin makes motorcycle riding a life-long passion. But motorcycling is also a dangerous activity because riders are so exposed to injury if struck by a car, an SUV, or a truck.

The  Law Firm has represented motorcycle riders who suffered severe injuries after being hit by another vehicle because of the automobile driver’s negligence.  Law’s experience as motorcycle accident lawyers provides our attorneys with expertise in handling the severe personal injuries inflicted on victims in motorcycle accidents.

Experience and Expertise

A motorcycle accident attorney should have experience representing motorcycle riders and understand the special hazards riders face while sharing the road with other vehicles. If you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer, you need to find a lawyer who respects riders and who does not harbor any outdated misconceptions about motorcyclists generally being irresponsible or reckless.

No motorcycle rider operates for long unless they maintain genuine respect for their bike, for the road, and their passengers.

An expert motorcycle lawyer should understand the importance of the road surface, the dynamic physics of a bike tire’s contact with the pavement, the braking mechanism of a bike, and the unique injuries inflicted on riders in severe, high-speed accidents.

Understanding the Motorcycle Experience

Motorcycle riders share a bond even though they may not know each other personally. Riding a motorcycle requires a whole different set of skills than driving a closed motor vehicle. People on motorcycles also develop sharper senses of what is around them because they are so much more exposed to disability and so unprotected from moving objects.

The Law Firm proudly represents members of the motorcycle riding community when they are injured by the negligence of other drivers.

How Motorcycle Accidents Happen

One of the main causes of motorcycle accidents with other vehicles is the other driver’s failure to see or yield to an oncoming motorcyclist. Many factors affect whether a motorcycle is recognized by another vehicle driver:

  • lighting glare or dimness.
  • the angle of approach.
  • vehicle size difference.
  • blind spots.
  • weather conditions.
  • not checking for a vehicle smaller than a car.
  • other driver’s lack of respect for motorcycles.

Because motorcycles are smaller in size than other vehicles and usually have a single headlight, many motorists fail to perceive motorcycles as they approach in the distance.

One of the most common scenarios in which motorcycle riders suffer life-threatening injuries occurs at intersections where the traffic crossing the cyclist’s path is controlled by a stop sign. Other vehicle drivers arrive at the stop sign, stop briefly to check for oncoming traffic, and seeing none, they proceed across the intersection. The accident occurs because they looked so briefly for other traffic that they failed to recognize an oncoming motorcycle.

In these circumstances, the motorcycle often slams violently into the side of the crossing vehicle and the rider is launched at a high velocity over the roof and crashes either to the ground or into another object suffering severe and frequently life-threatening injuries. The tragedy is that the accident was entirely avoidable.

Law Understands What It Takes to Win Motorcycle Accident Cases

As experienced motorcycle accident attorneys, we know that most motorcycle accidents could be avoided if other drivers respected the bike’s right to the roadway.

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