Can I Sue Someone Even If I Was Not Hurt in A Car Accident?

Even if you were not physically injured in a car accident, the extent of loss and damages can still be too much to handle. For this reason, in many cases, you can still sue even if you were not hurt. Many people must bear hefty vehicle damage, property damage, and other types of losses in road crashes. Managing these extra expenses is beyond our control after some time.

Some people’s cars get so damaged from an accident that it becomes hard to repair the vehicle. These unfortunate victims usually find that the money they need to cover these expenditures is nowhere near what they can reasonably afford, which is why many car accident lawsuits exist. To seek sufficient compensation for all these losses, hiring an experienced Dallas Car Accident Attorney is the best option.

Any time you are in an accident, you should inform the police immediately, even if you were not hurt. Take photographs of the accident scene, take video to record the extent of loss and damage, talk to eyewitnesses, and exchange contact information with the other driver. All these details will be helpful if you end up filing a case against the faulty person. If you do decide to seek damages, it is important to consult a legal professional as soon as possible after the accident.

In many vehicle damage or property damage cases, insurance companies deny paying for the repair and other related costs. If the repair and replacement cost is burning a hole in your pocket, consider taking legal action with professional help.

In the case of property damage, you can file a claim with an insurance company.

Repairing the damaged property can cost you months or years of savings. Depending on the type of damage, you may be able to file the car accident claim with the negligent party’s insurance company. In many cases, the best way to receive complete compensation is through the insurance company.

In addition to physical damage, car accidents can cause emotional loss and psychological damage. Attorneys are able to analyze the loss you may have suffered due to emotional distress. They know the pain and suffering a passionate distressed person must go through. Hence, they can evaluate the amount and help request the appropriate amount from the insurance company.

A legal professional will help you in combating this tough time so that you can concentrate on your other needs while your attorney works hard to seek compensation. In this process, several things must be considered, and those unfamiliar with the process can miss things if they try to handle their claim independently. The insurance company tries to prevent losing money by blaming others for causing injury. Therefore, the industry experts suggest hiring attorneys. When applicable, they will work to prove the following to turn the case in your favor.

  • The property damage was due to another driver’s negligence.
  • The injury occurred due to the direct fault of the other car driver.
  • The driver failed to adhere to the duty of care.
  • The driver failed to follow safety measures.
  • The driver talked on the phone, texted, or got distracted due to less attentiveness.
  • The accident caused you significant financial loss.

What types of compensation can you get in such a claim?

  • Repair or replacement cost of the damaged vehicle.
  • The cost you paid for public transportation or rental vehicles that you used instead of a damaged vehicle.
  • The cost of pain and suffering caused by your emotional or psychological pain.
  • The medication cost, i.e., medications prescribed for your psychological injury, such as severe mood swings, anxiety, PTSD, nightmares, phobias, and other related issues; counseling sessions from psychologists, etc. All those healthcare-related costs can be included in your claim.

You need to have complete documentation to prove details about your illness and history of treatment. You can also include future treatment costs. For this, you should be able to show a written statement from a healthcare professional stating that you will continue facing such anxiety or depression issues in the future and will need regular assistance.

Mandatory steps to be taken after facing any accident.

For any kind of accident, you must take certain steps immediately after the incident. Whether you got injured or not, you must do the following:

  • Call 911 and report the accident.
  • Call an ambulance if anyone at the accident site is injured.
  • Take photographs and record videos of the scene, damages, injured people, eyewitnesses, etc.

After you have taken these steps, consult an experienced Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of tort law and has handled similar cases before. A competent attorney can do everything necessary to strengthen your case and stand by your side till the end.